About Us

We Drive Solutions.

Intellectica is a group of international finance industry experts providing outsourced finance department, financial advisory and recruitment services. The company's know-how stems from the experience of its people, with careers in companies with the likes of JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Deloitte & others.

We are your finance partner. Intellectica works as your in-house team, providing hands-on expertise on matters relating to finance. Focused on prompt service, we drive results through our people, our most valuable asset.

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About Intellectica Group


Our Vision

We strive to provide world class solutions to firms irrespective of size. Our efforts focus on flexibly serving enterprises as their finance arm and working hand in hand with them in forming & successfully fulfilling their financial strategy.

We help our clients generate tangible value and unlock hidden potential.

Our strength is our network. Having access to industry experts and clients, our aim is to bridge business and market inefficiencies and optimize cost distribution of our clients.

About Us

Our story

Assimilating expertise from bulge bracket investment banks, Intellectica’s partners strive to provide service to firms in need of financial expertise. Our drive stems from our aspiration to grow enterprises, making financial services and capital sources accessible.