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We work alongside entrepreneurs in turning their vision into an actionable plan. From setting the strategy, to preparing financials & relevant decks, Intellectica is your partner in setting-up shop.

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01 - Strategic Business Plan

A Strategic Business Plan is a memo prepared for internal use and decision-making, focusing on strategy, resources and methods used to penetrate a market. Strategic Business Plans can be used by start-up businesses looking to articulate their first steps and finances, growth cases seeking an intellectualized expansion or even businesses looking to reposition themselves or optimize their operation

02 - Investor Business Plan

An Investor Business Plan is addressed to all types of equity capital providers, including venture capital funds, private equity funds and angel investors, outlining the returns achieved on the investment performed. Focus is given on the competitive advantage of the firm, market dynamics, sources and uses of capital, the team and others

03 - Lender Business Plan

A Lender Business Plan analyzes the set strategy of a business as a means of providing comfort to sponsors that debt-related outflows are prudently served. It incorporates all financial metrics required by banking institutions in assessing debt-financing prospects and is supported by a monthly or quarterly analysis of cash flows

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