Job Openings

Finance & Operations Manager - Attiki, Greece (int-0214)

Operational Excellence Analyst - Attiki, Greece (int-0213)

Retail Store Manager - Attiki, Greece (int-0212)

Site Mechanical Engineer - Corfu, Greece (int-0211)

Branch Manager - Thessaloniki, Greece (int-0210)

Procurement Analyst - Kryoneri, Attiki, Greece (int-0209)

Distribution Manager - Aspropirgos, Attiki, Greece (int-0208)

People & Culture Manager - Athens, Greece (int-0207)

Quality Control Engineer - Attiki, Greece (int-0206)

Investment Associate - Attiki, Greece (int-0205)

Group HR Director - Athens, Greece (int-0204)

Human Resources Generalist - Attiki, Greece (int-0203)

Investor Relations Administration Officer - Athens, Greece (int-0202)

Real Estate Sales Manager - Athens, Greece ( int-0201)

IT Support Analyst - Athens, Greece (int-0200)

Architect/Designer - Athens, Greece (int-0199)

Logistics Manager - Athens, Greece (int-0198)

Business Development Manager - Attiki, Greece (int-0196)

Sales & Business Development Manager - Paris, France (int-0195)

Strategic HR Director - Attiki, Greece (int-0194)

Human Resources Assistant - Attiki, Greece (int-0193)

Buy Side Account Manager (Fibre) - Athens, Greece (Remote) (int-0192)

SCADA Engineer - Athens, Greece (int-0191)

DevOps Engineer - Athens, Greece (int-0190)

Senior Backend Python Developer - Athens, Greece (int-0189)

Chief Technology Officer - Attiki, Greece (int-0188)

Sales Manager - Attiki, Greece (int-0187)

Junior Financial Analyst - Athens, Greece (int-0186)

Senior Performance Manager - Attiki, Greece (int-0185)

Costing Engineer - Attiki, Greece (int-0184)

Mechanical Electrical Engineer - Thessaloniki, Greece (int-0183)

Design Engineer - Attiki, Greece (int-0182)

Senior React/React Native Frontend Developer - Athens, Greece (int-0181)

Communications Strategy Manager - Attiki, Greece (int-0180)

Sales & Business Development Manager - Italy (int-0179)

Java Software Engineer - Athens, Greece (int-0178)

Accounts Payable Assistant - Attiki, Greece (Remote) (int-0177)

Accountant (ACCA) - Attiki, Greece (Remote) (int-0176)

DPA - Vetting Manager - Attiki, Greece (int-0174)

Operations Director - Attiki, Greece (int-0173)

Service Desk Analyst - Athens, Greece (int-0172)

Supply Side Account Manager (Recycled Metal) - Athens, Greece (int-0171)

Sales & Business Development Manager - Germany (int-0169)

Accounting Assistant - Attiki, Greece (int-0168)

Retail Network Manager - Attiki, Greece (int-0167)

Tax Accountant - Attiki, Greece (int-0165)

Account Manager - Athens, Greece (int-0164)

Senior M&A Project Manager - Athens, Greece (int-0163)

Human Resources Manager - Attiki, Greece (int-0161)

Jr Site Engineer - Greece (int-0160)

Site Engineer - Greece (int-0159)

Personal Assistant - Athens (int-0158)

Digital Marketer - Athens (int-0157)

Back-end (PHP) Developer - Athens, Greece (int-0156)

Software Engineer - Athens, Greece (int-0155)

Project Manager - Athens, Attiki (int-0154)

Tax Auditor - Athens, Greece (int-0153 )

Mobile IP & Security Network Engineer - Athens, Greece (int-0149)

Human Resources Manager - Athens, Greece (int-0146)

Senior Legal Counsel - Athens, Greece (int-0144)

Accounting Assistant - Athens, Greece (int-0142)

Account Manager - Athens, Greece (int-0141)

Advertising Sales Manager - Athens, Greece (int-0139)

ESG Manager - Athens, Greece (int-0125)

Warehouse Operator - Athens, Greece (int-0128)

Senior Architect - Athens, Greece (int-0120)

Junior Architect - Athens, Greece (int-0119)

Production Manager - Athens, Greece (int-0116)

Investment Analyst/Associate - Athens, Greece (int-0113)

Automation Engineer - Athens, Greece (int-0104)

Documentation & Certification Engineer - Athens, Greece (int-0087)

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